All You Need to Know About Onyx Support

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You may know us for our social media pages, where we spread mental and physical health awareness, however, there is a lot more to Onyx Support than this…

1. The name ‘Onyx’ stems from the crystal, which means to relieve overwhelming fears and worries, recover from the pain of trauma, dispel negative energy, and promote emotional well-being.

2. Our support team are a combination of counsellors, social workers and mental health nurses! Therefore, when we support individuals, we have extensive knowledge in the areas of holistic health and education.

3. Onyx Support is a Female-Founded Organisation

4. We support all individuals; you don’t have to be a student. Often due to our website name, we are asked if we only support students. However, we provide a range of support to all individuals.

5. In 2020, we were awarded Student Support Provider of The Year, by Prestige Awards!

6. Although we are based in Northampton, we support individuals all over the UK, and provide remote support globally.

7. We launched Onyx Support through the Pandemic, and have continued to provide remote support throughout!

8. You can access free resources for mental health and academic purposes from our website, keep a look out as we often upload new resources!

9. We have the BEST team who take over our Social Media, providing useful strategies, quotes and tips to support you holistically, aiming to give you a boost of motivation when your visit our pages!

10. Our team regularly host webinars, workshops and CPD training to support you with understanding and managing with mental health conditions, improving your wellbeing, or focusing on your personal development.

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