Have you ever heard of telephone counselling? Give it a go!

Whilst I was at university, I went through a difficult time facing struggles with my flatmates. Let’s get real, living with 10 strangers after just moving to a new city when you’re from a small village hundreds of miles away, is very daunting.

At the start everything was going swimmingly. Then, as most students will know, the longer you spend with people, the more they… get on your nerves. I ended up in an incident where I felt very uncomfortable and alone living in my accommodation and it left me a little bit stuck on who I could trust and talk to. The people who I thought were my friends ended up causing me more issues than they were worth, and I decided I became quite depressed.

I would call up my parents on most days ranting about my struggles and they didn’t really know how to help. Only through my Dad, I found out about telephone counselling. I went on a quick google search and called up my local telephone counsellor and booked an appointment.

Everything was done confidentially, and it was a very easy process of around 10 appointments, with one being every week. The counsellor I spoke to was very flexible and I found it easy to fit the appointments into my studies and my life at university at the time. At first, I was a little bit reluctant as I’ve been to counselling before and had bad experiences, but I had a good match and found that telephone counselling came with great ease.

After each session, it became a lot easier for me to live in my accommodation and look past the issues I faced with my flatmates. Something so little as an hour’s conversation each week with someone who was unbiased and somebody who had no agenda made such an impact on my time during that semester at university.

I would highly recommend telephone counselling to anyone going through a rough time at university or just generally. Especially during COVID-19 times, where regular face-to-face counselling may be difficult (also, those NHS waiting lists take a very long time sometimes), telephone counselling can be really useful.

Biography Section:

I’m Chloe, a recent graduate from the University of Manchester. Please see my social media pages if you’re interested in bullet journaling or if you have any questions



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