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Privacy Notice


This privacy notice contains important information that assists you in understanding what personal information we collect and process, your rights, and how we deal with your personal information at Onyx Student Support.

Please ensure you read this notice and keep for your reference.

Name of Data Protection Officer: Angela Sargeant

Contact Details: 126 Stanhope Road, Northampton, NN2 6JX. 07783128846


How do we get information

Most of the personal information we process is provided to us directly by you for the following purposes:

  • We provide you with a support service

  • You have requested more information of the services we provide

  • You wish to attend one of our events

  • You have applied for a job with us

  • You have applied for a volunteer position with us

  • You are a representative of an external organisation


We also receive information indirectly, for the following purposes:

  • A freelancer provides us with information for a reference, or to inform us of their emergency contact

  • Whistleblowing

  • From public authorities, regulators and law enforcement bodies


Your Data Protection Rights

Your right of access - You have the right to ask us whether or not we are using or storing your personal information. You can also ask us for copies of your personal information, verbally or in writing.

You can make a request to find out:

  • What personal information Onyx Student Support hold about you

  • How we are using it

  • Who we are sharing it with

  • Where we got you data from


Your Right to Rectification - You can challenge the accuracy of personal data held about you by us at Onyx Students Support, and ask for it to be corrected or deleted. This is known as the ‘right to rectification’. If your data is incomplete, you can ask us to complete it by adding more details.

How to get you data corrected

  • to exercise your right, you should inform us that you are challenging the accuracy of your data and want it corrected, you should:

  • state clearly what you believe is inaccurate or incomplete

  • explain how the organisation should correct it

  • where available, provide evidence of any inaccuracies


Your right to erase - The right to get your data deleted is also known as the ‘right to erasure’. You can ask us to delete that data. In some circumstances, we must then do so. You may sometimes hear this called the ‘right to be forgotten’.


The right only applies in the following circumstances:

  • we no longer need your data for the original reason we collected or used it for

  • you initially consented to us using your data, but have now withdrawn you consent

  • you have objected to the use of your data, and your interests outweigh those of ours to using it

  • we have collected or used your data unlawfully


Your right to restriction of processing - You can limit the way we use your personal data if you are concerned about the accuracy of the data or how it is being used. If necessary, you can also stop us deleting your data. Together, these opportunities are known as your ‘right to restriction’.

When you can ask us to restrict the use of your data

You can ask us to temporarily limit the use of your data when we are considering:

  • a challenge you have made to the accuracy of your data, or

  • an objection you have made to the use of your data.


You may also ask us to limit the use of your data rather than delete it if:

  • we processed your data unlawfully, but you do not want it deleted, or

  • we no longer need your data, but you want us to keep it in order to create, exercise or defend legal claims.


You right to object to processing - You have the right to object to us processing (using) your personal data at any time. This effectively means that you can stop or prevent us from using your data. However, it only applies in certain circumstances, and they may not need to stop if we can give strong and legitimate reasons to continue using your data.

You can only object to processing when we are using your data:

  • for a task carried out in the public interest

  • for the exercise of official authority

  • for their legitimate interests

  • for scientific or historical research, or statistical purposes; or

  • for direct marketing purposes


Your right to data portability - You have the right to get your personal data from us in a way that is accessible and machine-readable, for example as a csv file.

You also have the right to ask us to transfer your data to another organisation. They must do this if the transfer is, as the regulation says, “technically feasible”.

This is known as the right to data portability.

What kind of data this right relates to

This right is similar to your right of access but there are some differences. Specifically, the right applies to data that:

  • Is held electronically, and

  • You have provided to us.


Data you have provided does not just mean information you have typed in, such as a username of email address. It may include data we have gathered from monitoring your activities when you have used a device or service. This may include:


  • website or search usage history

  • traffic and location data, or

  • ‘raw’ data processed by connected objects such as smart meters and wearable devices, such as a fitness app.


How to request ‘your rights’


  1. To make a request please contact Onyx Student Support. We have up to one month to provide you with the requested details.


If we do not respond to your request within one month or you are dissatisfied with the outcome you can:

  1. lodge a complaint to Onyx Students Support in writing to Nyomi Rosa 126 Stanhope Road, Kingsthorpe, Northampton, NN2 6JX.

  2. If you still feel unhappy after the complaints process, you can contact ICOelpline on


For more information relating to your personal data, visit:

The Data we collect and process

Freelancers -During the application, recruitment and hiring process we collect and store the following types of information from you:

Job application details – C.V, education and certificates, professional registration bodies, experience, immigration status plus any other additional information you provide with us to support your application.

Communication -  name, email address, telephone numbers, address, bank details.

Identification and hiring process – Passport/Driving licences, proof of address, photograph, proof of certificate and higher education, proof of professional status with registration bodies, Proof of DBS status, references, emergency contact, plus special information required to undertake an Enhanced DBS, such as ethnicity, declaration of any unspent convictions. This special information is handled as sensitive and in accordance with applicable laws.

Continuing contract – Timesheets, CPD, records of provided support given, employee of the month. Payroll.

Students -For the purpose of providing support:

Contact details – Name, address, contact numbers, email address, next of kin details.

Identification of entitlement and needs - Student Finance England Award Notice, Needs Assessment Report, Initial Support Worker Assessment, Timesheets for completed sessions.

The legal basis on which we collect and process your data are as follows:

Contract – the information is necessary to enter into a contract

Legitimate Interests – for the purpose of safeguarding and the purpose of approaching you concerning other roles within Onyx Students Support

Legal – to meet our obligations and audits

Onyx Students Support must have your consent to process your personal information and we can only process this information by abiding by the following principles:

  1. Lawful, fairness and transparency

  2. Purpose limitation

  3. Data minimisation

  4. Accuracy

  5. Storage limitations

  6. Integrity and confidentiality (security)

  7. Accountability principles

For more information on principles please refer to our Data Protection Policy. We have a duty to ICO to keep records of our principles. This is to ensure we collect and process your personal data in accordance with regulations.

We take great care in ensuring the information we store about you is kept to a minimum and only held by us for as long as deemed necessary. Factors affecting the length of time we store your information include, length of contact, auditing purposes required for ICO, Department of Education and HMRC purposes.

We only use your personal data for the purpose it was intended for. This purpose must be made clear to you. Should we need your personal data to be used for any other purpose we must gain your consent first. We take all necessary security measures to ensure your data is kept secure and guarded against cyber-attacks.

Data 14/04/2021

Review Date 14/04/2022 or as and when changes are made

Angela Sargeant

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